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4 months ago
On Tue 26/9, astronomer Prof Martin Hendry is speaking in Fife - don't miss it!
7 months ago
Look out for us in today's Courier magazine!
1 year ago
Don't miss Chris and Pete’s Star Party Report (and other things) on Tue 22nd Nov.
1 year ago
Looking forward to Active Galaxies talk next Tue!
2 years ago
@RogMull Just signed petiton to introduce legislation to combat light pollution. #dalgetybay #darkskies

Unified Login

We now have unified login for the forum and main website!

What does this mean?

It means that if you are already registered on the forum, you can now log into the main website using the same username/password combination. (I know a few people tried this earlier, and it didn’t work, because there were two […]

Social Networking

We now have a page on Facebook, and one on Google+.

Please feel free to visit these pages and “like” or “+1” them.

Note that you can also share any of our posts on these and several other networking sites (Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Twitter) using the little buttons at the bottom of each […]

Forum changeover

We have moved our forum from a free server to a new one, over which we have more control. We can do a few things with the new server that we could not with the old, for example:

On the free server, space was very tight. We now have much more space for you to […]

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