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3 months ago
On Tue 26/9, astronomer Prof Martin Hendry is speaking in Fife - don't miss it!
6 months ago
Look out for us in today's Courier magazine!
1 year ago
Don't miss Chris and Pete’s Star Party Report (and other things) on Tue 22nd Nov.
1 year ago
Looking forward to Active Galaxies talk next Tue!
2 years ago
@RogMull Just signed petiton to introduce legislation to combat light pollution. #dalgetybay #darkskies

Astronomy for Kids?

Although the club is mainly for adults, we don’t want to exclude kids from what can be a rewarding hobby.
In the short term, at least, we aren’t likely to have any provisions for unaccompanied under-16s, but if parents wish to bring their children along they are most welcome to do so.

Update – 22/3/2012

There has been some interest recently in setting up a junior section of the club. If you are experienced at working with children, and you have a good understanding of the requirements of the PVG Act, both for individuals and for organisations, then you may be interested in becoming a founder or leader of a junior section.

We’ll be kicking off discussion at our March Meeting. There is also a forum thread.

Update – 1/10/2012

Alice has done some more research into what’s needed, and hopes to get started in earnest during autumn 2013. As you will see from her post, she has another important project to take care of first.



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