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Come along and hear Dr David Darling's talk on The Search for Life Beyond Earth. Kabin, 7.45pm tonight.

Transit of Mercury

On Monday 9th May 2016, the planet Mercury will pass directly between us and the Sun. It will be the first Transit of Mercury visible from Scotland since 2003.

Between 12:12 and 19:42, Mercury will appear as a tiny black dot on the face of the Sun, too small to see without specialist equipment. Fortunately, at Dalgety Bay Astronomy Club, we have that equipment, and we’ll be setting it up outside the Kabin on the day. Weather permitting, this is your best chance to witness this rare event!

Warning: Trying to observe the sun without the correct equipment and know-how can be very dangerous, possibly causing permanent blindness. 

Note for amateur astronomers: If you have your own solar observing equipment and you’d like to join us, come along any time from 11am onwards to begin setup. We will provide a rain shelter where you can quickly move your kit if the heavens open.

Note for the general public: You are welcome to stop by at any time between 12:12 and 19:42 (provided the sun is out) to see how it’s going. No booking required. For safety reasons, visitors are asked not to touch any equipment except as directed by our volunteers. Under-12s must be closely and continuously supervised by a responsible adult (maximum 2 under-12s per adult).

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