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Come along and hear Dr David Darling's talk on The Search for Life Beyond Earth. Kabin, 7.45pm tonight.

2013 review – Our highs and lows

What a year 2013 was for our club, which grew and grew.

low points:

  • Patrick Moore , RIP
  • Last venus transit for 200 years, we sent team but cloudy,no view
  • Comet ISON , failed to survive sun grazing, not comet of century


  • Our 3 evening BBC StarGazing events
  • Our Dalgety Bay Gala stand
  • St.Andrews guest speaker on micro-lensing, to detect exo-planets
  • Our own talks and events: Solar days, Dark sites, Telescope help
  • Mars talks, Star Camp visits
  • our enthusiastic members, committee and catering

good holidays all, looking forward to next year



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