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8 months ago
Due to developing weather situation, tonight's meeting is cancelled. Talk on Great Orion Nebula will be rescheduled for later in the year.
1 year ago
On Tue 26/9, astronomer Prof Martin Hendry is speaking in Fife - don't miss it!
1 year ago
Look out for us in today's Courier magazine!
2 years ago
Don't miss Chris and Pete’s Star Party Report (and other things) on Tue 22nd Nov.
2 years ago
Looking forward to Active Galaxies talk next Tue!

Tue 22th October : Mars Talk

Meeting 7:45pm at Kabin, Dalgety Bay (by tesco, tennis club, church).

Pete – gave excellent sweeping talk and slide show on the terrain on Mars, and explained formations and ages for the features we can see.

This should recent images and landscapes, and discussed formation of key features over time.

We also announced our Xmas meal, 10th Dec , Bay Inn. Deposit just £5 to confirm a place.

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