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Come along and hear Dr David Darling's talk on The Search for Life Beyond Earth. Kabin, 7.45pm tonight.

Sat 28th Sept: Observing session

We met at Kabin, dalgety bay at 7:45pm for observing session, had quick chat with folks about flocking (darkening inner tube of telescope with sticky bank felt).

Then moved to darksite, first few hours has some low cloud, leaving occassional patches of clear skies. We had 8 adults, 1 child and 6 scopes – two dobs and 4inch, 5inch and 9 inches tubes.

Objects seem:

  • M31 – Andromeda galaxy
  • M57 – Ring Neblue
  • Plough (Great Bear, Ursa Major), Ursa Minor, Cygnas, Casseopea
  • Double-cluster


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