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Come along and hear Dr David Darling's talk on The Search for Life Beyond Earth. Kabin, 7.45pm tonight.

2014 – new programme

Jan 28th 2014 Feb 25th 2014

Mar 25th 2014 Apr 22nd 2014 May 27th 2014

Also BBC StarGazing Live 7/8/9th Jan 2014.

Happy new year one and all.


2013 review – Our highs and lows

What a year 2013 was for our club, which grew and grew.

low points:

Patrick Moore , RIP Last venus transit for 200 years, we sent team but cloudy,no view Comet ISON , failed to survive sun grazing, not comet of century


Our 3 evening BBC StarGazing events Our Dalgety Bay Gala stand St.Andrews […]

Tue 22th October : Mars Talk

Meeting 7:45pm at Kabin, Dalgety Bay (by tesco, tennis club, church).

Pete – gave excellent sweeping talk and slide show on the terrain on Mars, and explained formations and ages for the features we can see.

This should recent images and landscapes, and discussed formation of key features over time.

We also announced our Xmas […]

Sat 28th Sept: Observing session

We met at Kabin, dalgety bay at 7:45pm for observing session, had quick chat with folks about flocking (darkening inner tube of telescope with sticky bank felt).

Then moved to darksite, first few hours has some low cloud, leaving occassional patches of clear skies. We had 8 adults, 1 child and 6 scopes – two […]

Tue 24th Sept : Comet talk – Telescope sale

7:45pm start at Kabin, dalgety bay

Comet talk as ISON ‘comet of century’ approaches, when to see and its journey so far.

Telescope sales and bring and buy.

New members welcome, bring you scope if you need help,guidance and assistance

Solar Day – Saturday 20th July – Charlestown

Elgin Hotel in Charlestown, from 12.30 for Solar viewing.


See for full details. This is at a pub, so there will be refreshments and scopes available.

SuperMoon – 23 rd june 2013

watch out for super sized full moon on 23rd june, moon at closest point to earth this year so full moon will be far larger than normal.


keep eye on site in case we hold event that day…. its a sunday so we may hold solar/ moon bbq…?

08 June 2013 – DB GALA DAY

Wonderful event, as the sun shown all day and the crowds were out in force. Huge thanks to all who helped the stand on the day and special mention to paul and kirsty, pete, ian and priti who help all thru the day.

we had 5 scopes on display – two solar scopes to show […]

May Meeting – 28th 2013

Season end, highlight Comet, Jupiter high in sky, Saturn rings in full view, lots of new faces and help with scopes.

Gala coming, maybe Solar event in summer, new autum calendar and Xmas meal at Peonie Chinese Restaurant in December.

April Meeting – Tue 23rd – 2013

Talk – Astrophotography & Processing your images

Free software links:

registrax sharpcap advanced virtualdub pcfe –

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