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April Meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 22nd April, 7.45pm, at the Kabin.

There will be a talk on exoplanets (planets orbiting stars other than our Sun).

If clear, there will be a chance for observing afterwards, so bring a scope if you have one.

March Meeting

This is a hands-on telescope workshop, so bring a scope if you have one.

There’s observing, if clear, and also a bring and buy.

Tuesday 25th March, 7.45pm, the Kabin.

PS. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, there will be a chance to renew tonight, so bring your subs along.

February Meeting

February’s meeting is all about telescopes.

We have two mini-talks (with demonstrations) about two of the most popular kinds of astronomical telescope:

  • The Newtonian
  • The Schmidt-Cassegrain

This is your chance to learn about what they are, and the pros and cons of each type.

Tuesday 25th February, 7.45pm, the Kabin.

PS. If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, there will be a chance to renew tonight, so bring your subs along.


AGM – Tue Jan 28th

This year’s AGM is at 7.45pm at the Kabin.

This is also the ideal time to renew your membership, so bring your subs along.

Afterwards, there will be a chance to swap tips, and buy and sell bits of kit.

Stargazing Live in the Bay

This year’s local Stargazing Live event is at the Kabin on Sat 11th Jan.

We’ll have an open drop-in session there from 5pm till 7pm, followed (if clear) by a trip to the Braefoot Dark Site.

Newcomers are most welcome to stop by and meet us. If you have a telescope, and you’re not sure how to use it, this will be your ideal chance to ask someone more experienced.


2014 – new programme

Jan 28th 2014
Feb 25th 2014

Mar 25th 2014
Apr 22nd 2014
May 27th 2014

Also BBC StarGazing Live 7/8/9th Jan 2014.

Happy new year one and all.


2013 review – Our highs and lows

What a year 2013 was for our club, which grew and grew.

low points:

  • Patrick Moore , RIP
  • Last venus transit for 200 years, we sent team but cloudy,no view
  • Comet ISON , failed to survive sun grazing, not comet of century


  • Our 3 evening BBC StarGazing events
  • Our Dalgety Bay Gala stand
  • St.Andrews guest speaker on micro-lensing, to detect exo-planets
  • Our own talks and events: Solar days, Dark sites, Telescope help
  • Mars talks, Star Camp visits
  • our enthusiastic members, committee and catering

good holidays all, looking forward to next year



December 17th – Kabin

Last meeting of the year, with a telescope workshop and bring and buy.

7.45 – 9.45pm.

Club Meal

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Bay Inn Tue 10th December.

Pre-dinner drinks in the bar from 7.00pm, and we sit down to eat at 7.30pm.


St Andrews Open Night

A great talk from Markus Hundertmark last night, and thanks to him also for letting us know about this:


For more details, see the observatory website.


Forthcoming Meetings