Baader modified Canon 450D DSLR - Now sold

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Baader modified Canon 450D DSLR - Now sold

Postby longinthetooth » 27 Mar 2018, 15:19

I'm in the fortunate position of having a surplus astronomy modified DSLR. It's a Canon 450D (Rebel Xsi) which has been Baader modified to be more sensitive to red wavelengths. This makes it great for deep sky photography. In addition this model has "live view" which helps no end with framing and focusing. I used it with a laptop and APT software.
I've attached 2 photos taken with the camera attached to a short focal length refractor.
The camera has a shutter count of just over 20000 so has plenty life left in it - searching online the shutter life is given as 100000 actuations.
I will include the ac adapter which I use to power the camera and the original battery but not the original charger. (Gone AWOL somewhere!) These are, however, easily and cheaply obtained online.
More information about the modification can be found here:
I've had my 700D modded in the same way so the 450 is now surplus to requirements and someone else may as well get the benefit of it.
I'm happy to answer any questions and assist the buyer to set it up.
£150 ovno - camera now sold.
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Altair Astro 102 EDT on Skywatcher AZEQ6GT pier mounted, Baader modded Canon 700D, 10" Meade LX200 deforked, Meade DSI3 OSC. Swift Model 831, Roll off roof observatory, plus loads of bits which may come in handy day...

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