Hi from Glenrothes

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Hi from Glenrothes

Postby Hawkeye » 19 May 2012, 21:50

Hi all,

Name's Bill 46

Having always wanted to look at the skies I have just invested in a Mede LS 8 and various accessories, hoping to do a lot of viewing in time to come, however I have to rely on clear nights on weekends with working away each week.

I have only managed one short evening of viewing and have to say, rather impressed with my purchase.

I had a Reflector Scope years ago but gave up very quickly due to never being able to home in on anything.

Hopefully be able to learn more with everyone here :)

Meade Lightswitch 8" ACF and various accessories, Meade ETX80 Observatory SE, Nikon D300 SLR

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Re: Hi from Glenrothes

Postby Ryohei » 21 May 2012, 20:39

Hi and welcome Bill. That's two of us from Glenrothes now i think!

Alan S.
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