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Postby Woolfy » 20 Jan 2007, 23:19

Hi my name is Ricky (Woolfy) Turnbull I've lived in the Bay for nearly 7 years,
Married with two kids, 4yr old girl and a 6yr old boy.

I've been interested in Astronomy for a number of years but really haven't invested in a scope. I use a pair of 10x60 binos on a tripod.

I'm saving like mad to get a Meade ETX125PE I've really got my heart set on this as I do a lot of traveling around Scotland and the portability of this scope and the numerous functions including "GOTO" and "Todays Best" saves me pulling out star charts in the middle of nowhere.

I can't remember how I found this site but think it was a link from somewhere on "Google"
A very Pleasant surprise to find an Astro club on my doorstep :D
Other hobbies include being a Ham radio operator (call sign GM0VUY) and Online Gaming. (Counterstrike) not poker. The wife calls me a Big Bairn :lol:

I notice that you have regular meets at our local ale house.
I have a wee problem there. You see my good lady wife works in Rosyth till around 9pm weekdays and your meets start around 8 or 830 so if I was able to attend it would be later around 930 (Baby sitting the Monsters) :(

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 21 Jan 2007, 10:57

Hi Ricky
welcome to the forum , the meetings start around 7.30 but im sure there are a few people who will stay until after you have arrived , re the 125 , andy , adt175 on this forum had one , not the pe though , so im sure you could ask him about them , i would guess one could be available second hand on the astro buy and sell site soon, see links on this forum , andy and i both use this site a lot for gear.


Postby adt175 » 21 Jan 2007, 13:01

Hi Ricky
Nice to meet you. The ETX125 is a great scope (optics are excellent) and now that it's PE it's even better. Give me a shout if you want more info. Alternatively http://www.weasner.com/etx/menu.html for all things ETX and more.

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Postby Woolfy » 22 Jan 2007, 01:06

Thanks Brian I'll see if I can get a babysitter and get along a bit earlier.

Thanks Andy I may tap you for info when I get the Beasty.

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Postby Jetamio » 22 Jan 2007, 18:01

Hi and welcome :)
I didn't make one yet...

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Postby pbholmes » 22 Jan 2007, 19:12

Hi Ricky,

Welcome to the club!

If you can't make it along for the meeting at 7.30, there still the possibility of catching up with us observing later on.

If you follow the list, you can find out when we're planning another "bring the scopes in case it's clear" night, (none scheduled just yet) and I'll send you my mobile number offline so you can ring me and find out if we actually went out to observe or not.


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