October 18th meeting- Dark Site + ISS Flybys (and more)

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October 18th meeting- Dark Site + ISS Flybys (and more)

Postby Alderney99 » 19 Oct 2011, 10:30

A good turn-out last night and very worthwhile all going along to the "dark site".

Whether or not that was definately the ISS crossing very fast SW to NE at 8:22pm, there's TWO further chances to bag it in the next week at least...

http://www.spaceweather.com/flybys/sear ... y=Aberdour

has the ISS coming over (and at mag minus-2-ish for anyone with a high-speed tracking scope/camera) on Saturday AND Monday nights...may need to check if the "local" aparition times are BST or GMT/UT with it being a US site.

Various other satellites listed coming over us daily - I'm wondering if the GOCE one is one we've seen "flaring" from outside the Kabin in the past?

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