Special Lunar Eclipse, Morning of December 21st 2010

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Special Lunar Eclipse, Morning of December 21st 2010

Postby pbholmes » 17 Nov 2010, 22:48

On the morning of Tuesday December 21st 2010, there will be a total lunar eclipse. For a few hours, the moon will change from its normal silvery white to an eerie reddish brown.

The eclipse will be visible from Dalgety Bay, and although lunar eclipses are not all that rare, this one will be rather special for people in our part of the world. This eclipse, for us, will be a Twilit Lunar Eclipse, which means that we'll see an eclipsed moon against the dawn twilight sky.

Lunar eclipses can only happen at full moon, when the earth comes between the sun and moon, and so although the moon is often visible during the day, a lunar eclipse can only be seen at night. At any one location, however, the eclipse will occasionally occur at the very beginning or end of the night. This time, it's our turn.


In North America, the whole eclipse will be seen at night. In East Africa, the Middle East and India, the eclipse will not be visible at all because the moon will be below the horizon throughout. In Japan and Australasia, the eclipse will happen in the evening twilight.

Here in the UK, and in eastern South America, the eclipse will begin just before sunrise, and continue as dawn breaks.

Detailed timings
Penumbral Eclipse Begins:   05:29
Partial Eclipse Begins:     06:33
Total Eclipse Begins:       07:41
Greatest Eclipse:           08:17
Moon sets, as seen from Dalgety Bay 08:44

For an unusual photo opportunity, get up early on Tuesday 21st, find a spot with a clear western horizon, and look to the west.

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Postby Alderney99 » 24 Nov 2010, 15:09

The "park" round the front of Chandlers Rise should offer a good public view, especially if the moon is likely to be to the EAST of Edinburgh.

Winter sunrises seen from here can be quite spectacular as the sun appears over the low hills to the east/south-east of the city, and especially as this will be on the Winter solstice the sun can rise right over Arthur's Seat / the Craggs if one picks a good alignment spot.

(PS - of course "the BEST view in town" is undisputably from Bob H's front balcony !!!)[/u]

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Eclipse tomorrow morning

Postby pbholmes » 20 Dec 2010, 20:56

The moon will be setting in the West (a bit North of West) when the eclipse is at maximum.

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