Green Flash!

Ephemera like comets, eclipses, meteor showers etc.
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Green Flash!

Postby seabay » 18 Dec 2008, 08:58

Amazing sight here yesterday afternoon . . . . watching the sun set over the sea, and saw the rare solar phenomenon of the green flash!

Just before the sun disappeared completely, the visible part of the solar disc (probably only a couple of per cent) turned a very vivid lemony-green, before a split second's intense green.

Managed to snap an image just after the intense flash, which shows the remaining tiny sliver of the sun as lemony green again.

Christmas Eve marks exactly 40 years since I got into astronomy, so it's taken me 39 years and 51 weeks to see this - don't suppose I'll see another in my lifetime, but it was worth the wait!

Emma H

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Green Flasher

Postby Cosmic » 18 Dec 2008, 11:47

Emma Wow!

The only green flash I ever saw was a Glasgow Celtic supporter havin' a
quick splash against the pub wall  :D

Are we gonna see the piccie?

Things pretty awful up here cloudy every night or raining or foggy - Sigh-
however, we will not be down hearted.

Don Makin gifted an excellent painting of the Apollo 11 blast off to My shop for our space display. Standing about 1.5 Mtrs high it really is quite magnificent. Anyone wishing to see this should pop up to Cosmic Pcs and have a ganders. He did talk about Ed White's spacewalk painting so lets see if that can be displayed too. ( here's hoping)

Anyway that's my update for now:.

Meade 8inch  SCT. Observatory mounted on an HEQ5 Pro using EQMOD Canon 1000D modified DSLR,200mm Dobsonian, 200mm Celestron C8, 15x70 Astro Binoculars. 2x Mintron ccd cameras, lots of other stuff.

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Postby seabay » 18 Dec 2008, 13:43

Remind me to avoid Glasgow on match day!  :)

I'll try to post the pic, but not sure if it'll come over that well.

Great clear night here last night, but the first for a while - very grey and gloomy at the mo.

The AS11 picture sounds great . . . . what chance of taking a piccie and posting it?  Or does that breach copyright laws?

Emma H

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 18 Dec 2008, 23:06

Way to go Emma  :shock: thats high on my to see list as well for obvious reasons....but its gonna be a very long shot.
Re the A11 painting i,m afraid that you will just have to come up some time to see it  8)  i,ll nick over to Cosmics for a lookie soon.
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Postby Jetamio » 17 May 2009, 20:44

That sounds like it would be amazing to see! Unfortunately I never see the true sunset because there's a big ol mountain in the way lol.
I didn't make one yet...

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