Partial Solar Eclipse On the 1st August (Tomorrow)

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Partial Solar Eclipse On the 1st August (Tomorrow)

Postby astrogeorge » 31 Jul 2008, 13:42

Hi everyone,
                   Sorry I've not been at the last 2 meeting been tied up with other things. Anyway just thought I would remind everyone about tomorrows Solar eclipse, it will be a partial eclipse for us but still worth seeing (weather permitting). The eclipse starts at around 9.30am and lasts until just after 11am, should be around 40% of the suns surface eclipsed so view with severe precaution, i would recommend using mylar eclipse glasses. This will be the last eclipse visible from the UK until 4th January 2011 so lets hope we get clear skies.
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Postby seabay » 31 Jul 2008, 18:25

Hope you guys get a decent view of the eclipse - especially as you'll get so much more of the solar disc obscured than we will down here!  Our weather is looking patchy - skies should be completely clear, but not until after the event - well, that's never happened before (irony!).
Emma H

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 31 Jul 2008, 21:59

Im going round to Petes tomorrow morning with a PST to have a look
But looking at how bad the weather is tonight im not holding my breath.
Hope Paul & Kirsty manage to see the Whole Event.

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Postby seabay » 01 Aug 2008, 18:35

So there I was, sheltering under my umbrella, hiding from a sudden downpour, and clutching my borrowed eclipse viewer . . . . !
Pretty poor conditions down here, but for those of us who went up to Foredown Tower (home of our local camera obscura - oh yes!), it was worth the trip as we did manage to see glimpses of the partially eclipsed sun between the clouds.
Quite a few people attended, although that did mean a lot of standing around, interspersed by several sudden stampedes for the Coronado PST and the projection box!
Hope you guys had a better view, and fingers X'd for the partial lunar on 16th Aug.
Emma H

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Solar Eclipse

Postby Cosmic » 02 Aug 2008, 12:46

Not a sausage from where i was  :(

However, I am pleased to say there was a partial eclipse of my Big Mac as I was raising My large Choco milk shake to my mouth  :D

Still not to worry it's not so long to 2011 -sigh-

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Postby seabay » 03 Aug 2008, 18:21

Weather continues to be hopeless down here too!  Last night was the East Sussex Astronomical Society's annual "summer" (!) BBQ and loads of 'scopes were on hand, including a Meade LX90 - all we got was some cracking views of some leaves and a lot of clouds!
We didn't even think of doing burger eclipses - a missed opportunity, and one to bear in mind for next year!

Emma H

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