Green skies over Greenland!

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Green skies over Greenland!

Postby seabay » 18 Nov 2007, 19:16

Here’s an image showing my friends Judith and Linda watching the Northern Lights in Greenland in April 2007. They had gone to Greenland to go dog-sledging and were hoping to see the Northern Lights as well. They didn’t manage to see them during their “official” holiday, but were snowed in for four days and managed to see the Northern Lights on their very last “extra” night - lucky!

The image was taken by Poul Bisgaard who was staying at the same hotel and is an experienced enough observer of the Northern Lights that he could tell it was going to happen and fetched Judith and Linda out in to the snow at just the right moment - even luckier!!

Emma H

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 21 Nov 2007, 00:00

Yeah..Really..Really...lucky then Emma... :D

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Postby Jetamio » 17 Dec 2007, 03:52


I'll never forget the night I saw the Aurora here, I sat outside in the perishing cold for 2 hours watching it. Amazing.
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