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Mars magic!

Posted: 08 Nov 2007, 19:25
by seabay
I guess everyone's gearing up for the great views of Mars that we should get this winter!

Don't miss Mars in the close proximity of the full moon in the early hours of Xmas Eve - figures for 03.52 in Eastbourne are the moon at RA 6h 12.639m, Dec 27 degrees 4.661', with Mars at RA 6h 12.892m, Dec 26 degrees 45.447' !!

And from some areas of Scotland, it will be a grazing occultation - lucky you lot!

To whet everyone's appetite, here's a great image I was sent by John Small, of Satellite Beach, Florida, made at 05:00 EDT on 9 October, via webcam.


Posted: 14 Nov 2007, 14:42
by bwh
Nice pic

spotted mars last night - in east (towards burntisland from bay) and unfortunately while it looks big and red could not get me sct in focus.

Recently flocked it - and looking into scope found that had overlapped the flock (dark paper) and it worked loose - so had to repair this.....oooo

Have now found wonderful website for collimation of sct: ... mation.htm

so hope to finally have flocked and alligned scope - if only skies remain clear will review mars.