ISS: Mon.18 Jun.07

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ISS: Mon.18 Jun.07

Postby seabay » 16 Jun 2007, 18:21

I got this info from Starry Night Sky Explorer software, which is set for Eastbourne, in East Sussex, so the timings won’t be accurate for Fife, but hopefully not too far adrift!

This apparition of the ISS will be quite favourable, with the space station getting quite high and bright in the sky.

Rises, almost due west, at 00:38:45 (mag 2.70)

Passes Denebola, 00:40:07 (mag 1.54)

Passes beneath Arcturus (about the same distance below Arcturus as the distance between the two end stars of the Great Bear’s tail), 00:41:27 (mag -0.14)

Max. mag of -0.72 at 00:41:59 (just below Delta Serpentis), and then dropping to a mag of 3.26 a second later ((this seems a bit of an extreme and sudden dimming, but I’m not that familiar with satellite observing, so it will be interesting to see how reliable my software is!!)).

Moving through Scutum at 00:43:03 (mag 3.7) and grazing M11, the Wild Duck cluster, at 00:43:06

Grazing Alpha Capricornii at 00:44:04 (mag 4.66) and Theta Capricornii at 00:45:20 (mag 5.66)

Setting at 00:45:39 (mag 5.86)

Weather has been dreadful down here for some time, but tomorrow allegedly sunny, so fingers crossed for clear skies!
Emma H

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