Last Night

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Last Night

Postby Cosmic » 12 Mar 2015, 12:07

Had a wonderful evening 11th March 2015
The stars were out last night in all their glory so took the covers off the 8 inch Dobsonian and had a night of visual observing for a change. What a night! firstly tried locating objects with the finder scope but that proved next to useless on all but the brightest objects (Thank you for illuminating the Forth Rail Bridge and sending a beam of light to illuminate the southern sky whichever cretin was responsible for that idea!!!!). Next I put a new battery in my Wixy digital angle finder and levelled the wixy with a spirit level on the scope tube to 0 degrees. Then used the Star map app on my iPhone to find the Altitude of any object and BINGO! spot on every target. I decided to go for Globulars a nd feint nebulae the latter proving impossible because of the light pollution but had great success on the globulars.
I turned my attention to jupiter which was a magnificent sight in my 25mm eyepiece so put in my Revelation astro 1.5 Barlow and the surface detail was amazing! I noticed on Star map that Dwarf Planet Juno was well placed so went to the Alt setting on my Wixy and behold! Juno in all its splendour a lovely sight and marvelled at it for some time thinking back to my childhood and how I longed to see one of the largest Asteroids which is now classed as a Dwarf Planet. So I finally fulfilled one of my ambitions albeit some 50 years later. As many of you know i usually do all my observing through CCTV cameras but tonight was a very special experience and one I hope to repeat at my earliest opportunity.
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Re: Last Night

Postby justanotherpete » 12 Mar 2015, 18:21

Sounds like you had a great night, oh and welcome back to the dinosaurs - we'll soon get you back into the habit of using eyepieces again :)

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