2010 Perseid Meteor Shower - already high activity!

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2010 Perseid Meteor Shower - already high activity!

Postby Alderney99 » 08 Aug 2010, 15:30

While out last Wed & Thu after 11pm in a yellow-streetlamp-free corner of my garden, getting a LOT of Perseids coming in, some very strongly, especially from a line from south-east to south-west (basically from the Casse/Androm "W" radiant) - i.e. direction due from the Burntisland TV tower on top of the Binn).
Also got a long, slow very bright satellite flare about 8 mins after midnight, to the west.

Last night (Sat 7th), a lot of cloud but caught a fireball-class one in a good gap, and certainly the biggest meteor flash I've personally ever seen.

Whats more - still potentially FIVE nights-worth - ramping up to the main peak due on Thursday night the 12th into the 13th!

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not a sausage

Postby Cosmic » 13 Aug 2010, 21:18

Hi Iain
Glad somebody saw something  :(
I sat for 2 hours last night with me binos at the ready and ZILCH!
Oh well we must endeavour to persevere.
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Re: not a sausage

Postby Alderney99 » 13 Aug 2010, 23:54

Was out again last night (12th) for the "peak" - fairly quiet until busier after midnight, especially as the lighter cloud cover broke-up well, but still some good ones before that, including an intense long-trail whopper over to the south-west.

Sadly, the "media" yet again had the whole thing hyped-up as going to be a "spectacular lightshow!" on just the one night - I read the NASA site blurb that the BBC etc were quoting, as if the orange-light-pollution-riddled UK skies were going to be as good as out in the dark of an Arizona desert!

Also, the video clip that the Beeb & others trot out every year should be destroyed! Its videoed through a telecope aimed right into the radiant point, and enhanced, and is totally un-representative of what an ordinary observer with simply Mark One eyeballs would see from their back garden (and binos or a scope are not really usable for meteors (unless long-exposure camera shots rigged-up) - too fast to "lock-on"  - best way is to comfortably (and patiently!) watch a big quadrant of sky about 45-degrees away from the radiant point with the naked eye, although last night certainly they were appearing all over the sky.

Also, the Perseids ramp-up for about 4 weeks from mid-July - again its hyped-up as being just for the one night. Total bollox! These misleading & inaccurate "promises" of astronomical events (e.g. the regular "you must go out and see Mars tonight as it will be at its closest to Earth" guff) just disappoints laypeople from any real interest in the night skies.

One good extra at this time of year though - looking south from the "W" of Cassepioa(sp?) the Milky Way shows up quite clearly with the naked eye across the "roof" of the sky, even with the light-pollution here. THAT is worth a good sweep with binoculars! :D )

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