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Postby Cosmic » 04 Jun 2009, 22:42

Well that's the observatory 99% finished just got the electrics and shelving to put up. I finished the silicon seals today and rubber lining over drop down flap at the front. I put bitumen all over the floor to seal it and will put some old carpet tiles down. It's forecast 4 days of rain now so it will give me a chance to check if waterproof or not, prior to installing the scope. I'm very pleased with end result and can't wait to use it in anger. I painted the inside with matt black blackboard paint so reflection should be minimal. I will post pics when everything is installed.

I was just so lucky that weather held for 4 days solid :D

Meade 8inch  SCT. Observatory mounted on an HEQ5 Pro using EQMOD Canon 1000D modified DSLR,200mm Dobsonian, 200mm Celestron C8, 15x70 Astro Binoculars. 2x Mintron ccd cameras, lots of other stuff.

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