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2007 Mars - closest approach

Posted: 01 Jan 2008, 20:16
by bwh
Spent few nights looking at mars with 5inch refractor and 8inch SCT

also with aid of 5x powermate televue barlow.

The 5inch gave clearest views - and while mars small (even at closest approach) - could see that surface was mottled red with black blotches... sadly no canals.

The 5 inch does not require collimation so setup easy, but no tracking (skywatcher - there is a rq drive in canada - but they only sell to canadian credit card addresses... doh)

My 8inch generally needs collimation to get best performance, and so while this has 40% more light, its yet to provide better results that 5inch.

so bigger not allways better (guess 8inch better for dso)