Light Pollution map of forth estuary

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Light Pollution map of forth estuary

Postby twinsen » 15 Sep 2007, 16:54

thought this might be usefull to you guys near edinburgh its kinda centred on the east side a bit but this is to include my town. I kinda feel sorry for you guys been stuck so close to edinburgh.

Anyways please comment
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Postby pbholmes » 16 Sep 2007, 18:13

Where did this come from? Can you get maps for the whole UK?
I ask because I'm interested in light pollution levels in places I might visit in Scotland and northern England.

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 16 Sep 2007, 22:28

Another Reason to go Solar.

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Postby twinsen » 16 Sep 2007, 22:53

I just overlaid this image ... ksky01.jpg

which i got via google onto a windows live map of scotland you could do the same for anywhere in the uk the above one is created by cpre I think?

There are others availiable from below
these cover almost the whole world but i thought the first one was more detailed.



Postby adt175 » 08 Oct 2007, 22:09

That's why I'm a Solar System buff!

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