Meeting 17th February

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Solar B
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Meeting 17th February

Postby Solar B » 21 Feb 2009, 09:16

Hi Folks
           Just a to say how much i enjoyed the meeting on Tuesday.
           We were a little down on attendance but i have to say that
            I really enjoyed Geoffs (Cosmic) presentation on the
            Russian Space Programme...he certainly knows his stuff
            on that topic and it was good to revisit some memories of
            the former Soviet Unions exploits...nice one Geoff. :D
                  It was also good to see a couple of new faces at the
             meeting,so hoping to catch up with them again soon.

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Postby Cosmic » 21 Feb 2009, 10:41

Hi Brian
Glad you enjoyed the presentation :) I tried to keep it as varied as possible bearing in mind we had a younger audience too. It's always difficult to maintain a balance between the age group, do I make it technical? and if so will the youngsters switch off. I think it was the right balance however, my youngest daughter told me it was too long at 45mins :) Did I really go on that long?

I would like to give a presentation on unmanned planetary soviet exploits in the future. Let's see.
Thanks for your kind comments I really appreciate it when members take the tiime to comment on the frorum, it makes me feel it was all worth the effort.

By the way loved the cartoons on Refractors (grrrrrr)

Must thank Don Makin for the excellent painting of Jim Lovell looking so folorn and hopeless in Apollo 13. If anyone would like to see the other Paintings by Don please pop into the shop Cosmic PCs and check out the space exhibition. We hope to build on this with a series of retro space paintings aka DAN DARE style. All the paintings will eventually be up for sale with the proceeds going towards our New Observatory project.
I will take some pics and forward to Emms maybe she could feature it in the Astro sheet.

Anyway back to the grindstone bye for now.
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Postby seabay » 24 Feb 2009, 09:01

Sounds like another good meeting!

Happy to include any images you can send for a forthcoming of SBA:B, Geoff - if you can mail them to the newsletter e-mail address (compressed if poss, please, as I don't have Broadband!).

Emma H

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