2008 Dalgety Bay Gala Day

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2008 Dalgety Bay Gala Day

Postby bwh » 14 Jun 2008, 21:00

Our 1St Gala Day stall went off like a SuperNova, with loads of people interested in leaflets and BeginnersGuides and many people commenting that they were unaware of our existance as a club in the Bay.

The weather was mostly fine, with one or two or three heavy downbursts which did curtail events somewhat - but we still have good interest from young and old, people with scopes and even people grinding thier own mirrors.

Solar B brought two solar scopes (with filters to allow use with sun - WARNING not recommended for normal scopes - please use scopes with care ) and an 18 inch monster dobsonian. We had sufficent breaks in the cloud to allow observation of the Sun for about 30 minutes with about 10+ people getting thier first taste of solar observations ( Note: a clear prominance visible).

Best joke of day: The prominance on the Sun was desribed as being at 2 o'clock and a number of people waiting for a look all looked at thier watches and started wandering off - only to laugh when we pointed out this was a location, not a time desciption.

There may even be chance of a "dark field" site in the offing, and our own star party in the Autumn to look forward too.

Our next meeting is June 17th (Kabin - near tesco) at 7:30 - and hopefully will allow more solar observation sessions, a "Quick help" session for anyone with questions/issues and a scheduled talk on the solar system

As ever all welcome, we hope to see new members and interested parties their, or at any of the next meetings.

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