Virtual Moon Atlas software

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Virtual Moon Atlas software

Postby longinthetooth » 27 Sep 2017, 08:45

Hi everyone. Dark nights coming in! I attended the opening meeting of the club's 2017/18 season last night. During the meeting Pete and Paul made reference to an atlas of the moon you could use to identify lunar features and aid observation. While many will already be aware of such software I thought I would post details of the one I think Pete was referring to in case anyone wants to try it out.
Virtual Moon Atlas by Legrand and Chevalley. The software dates from 2012 but works fine on my Windows 10 machine. This is their own info/download page which, I believe , is safe to download from. It is free.... :)

John B
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Re: Virtual Moon Atlas software

Postby pbholmes » 28 Sep 2017, 18:19

Thanks John,
I've just downloaded this, and the amount of detail it gives is excellent.
Next time I'm moonwatching, I will definitely have this on my laptop next to me.

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