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Mount TLC

Postby Dariusz » 24 Sep 2017, 21:45

I really didn't have any particular reason to strip down my mount but eventually curiosity took the the lead .
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Generally all parts look ok and I was quite suppriced seeing the interior of the mount in a good condition despite the fact that many posts that I've read on the internet weren't positive this time it was not bad at all.

Earilier I've bought set of all beatings , not sure if it was necessary
I've also decided to update that mount with a belt drive but the seller ( serious on line shop) drives me nuts. It should be here long time ago and instead the mount is still in pieces
Hopefully not long and I can put it together back.

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Re: Mount TLC

Postby Dariusz » 07 Nov 2017, 14:43

Something new that I found about the mount.
When setting off the backlash on RA I found that it's zero in one position but when mount is turned 180° there is some slag. The diagnose is that the RA worm ring is not well made and the centre hole for bearings is not perfectly cenetered with the worm carrier ehhhhhh

The result in real life is a slow reaction when changing directions but also wind might move the scope within the slag what will ruin the shot. For visual it's perfect.
I wonder if any of you guys might have this part.

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