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Postby Al_Rescha » 07 Dec 2013, 18:49

HI can anyone help with some advice about buying new lenses for my dobsonian flexi tube. I would like to buy a decent set but they all seem expensive and would I get good use out of them all? Is it better to buy them individually? 10mm and 25 came with the scope. Be grateful for any advice and where might be best to shop for them.

Lorna :)

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Re: lenses

Postby justanotherpete » 08 Dec 2013, 04:13

Personally I've always bought them individually rather than as a set, that way you're buying one you know you want and will use. It sounds as if the eyepieces that came with your dobsonian are of the type known as plossls, these are the standard eyepiece type now, but quality can vary quite a bit, probably the best bet is to keep an eye out on http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ and see if you can pick up a decent second hand one at a reasonable price. I'd tend to stick with longer focal lengths 12mm up to 30 or 40mm at least to start with as they'll give lower magnifying power but a wider field of view, making things a little easier to find in the eyepiece. Get shorter focal lengths and/or a 2x Barlow later. There's plenty of different types / makes in the club that you could maybe try out on an observing night, I'll bring some along next time we're at the cabin or planning an observing night.

Darren Henderson
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Re: lenses

Postby Darren Henderson » 08 Dec 2013, 21:51

Unlike Pete, I bought a set of plossl eyepieces (Antares) that include a 6mm, 10mm, 17mm & 40mm (all 1 1/4 inch). They also came with a barlow lens which can be x1.5 & x2 so effectively I also have a 4mm, 7mm, 11mm, 27mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm & 20mm eyepieces (12 in all). I would say that this gives a wide variation of magnification for different observations. They also came with filters which are good for observing the moon, bands on Jupiter etc & they're in a case for protection. I think the price of most sets new are £120 - £150.
I'm sure the flextube Dob (if it's the same as mine) has a 2 inch adapter for that size of eyepiece so a 34mm - 40mm gives a nice widefield view.
Hope this helps,


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Re: lenses

Postby Al_Rescha » 14 Jan 2014, 17:57

thanks very much for the advice guys see you at the january meeting hopefully. Will bring my scope along :)

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Re: lenses

Postby pbholmes » 29 Jan 2014, 23:01

Hi Lorna,

Are you still looking for some eyepieces?
I've got a boxed set I might be putting up for sale soon.
If you're interested, I could let you try them out - sale or return.


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