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Light Pollution Filter

Posted: 04 Jan 2007, 20:03
by pbholmes
Santa brought me some vouchers for the David Hinds shop, and one of the things I saw on there was a light pollution reduction filter.

They also have the (considerably cheaper) Neodymium filter.

Does anyone have any experience of using these?
Are they likely to make galaxies and nebulae visible from downtown DB?


Posted: 05 Jan 2007, 00:21
by bhenderson50
Hi Paul,
I have not used either of these filters, but I would suggest you have a look on the web to find transmission curves for them before you decide which one to go for. Some filters may effectively cut out light pollution wavelengths, but at the cost of significantly reduced transmission at the wavelengths you want to see. This is of more significance with smaller aperture telescopes [can't remenber what you have - was it 4.5" reflector?]
Maybe we could discuss this further on Monday.

Posted: 05 Jan 2007, 02:22
by NightHawk
I had no idea such a device/filter existed. This is a very exciting device indeed! < I might look very inexperienced here. But I need to investigate!

I returned my meade 60mm Refractor today due to a fault. I am upgrading to a Meade ETX 80 AT-TC Refractor 3.15" and should arrive soon. Telescope house are really not living up to their reputation with us.

I presume these filters will fit all telescopes? will it fit my new telescope?

Thanks, Neil

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Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 19:59
by adt175
I had a LPR filter a while back and got rid of it as I didn't think it was up to much. At the time I wasn't imaging and visually it didn't do anything (at least as far as I could see) other than darkening the view at the eyepiece. Never tried it for imaging so can't comment there....
I wouldn't buy one brand new. They come up fairly often on UK Buy / Sell so save some dosh by looking there:

Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 21:17
by pbholmes
Hi Andy,

Thanks for the tip.
I hadn't seen that site before, but I've bookmarked it now.


Posted: 19 Jan 2007, 01:27
by Dean
I ordered a Neodymium filter a few days ago, so I'll let you know how I get on with it as soon as I get a chance to use it.

Posted: 19 Jan 2007, 22:02
by adt175
Astro Buy / Sell is pretty good. I've bought and sold a few things without any problem. If you're after something in particular like your LPR filter you can post a wanted ad. The temptaion of cash is usually enough to real in a bargain.