r 2 Is bYr thn 1 ?

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r 2 Is bYr thn 1 ?

Postby bwh » 11 Jan 2009, 20:50

Santa brought me a bino-viewer which when added to a telescope in place of an eyepiece splits the light into two paths, allowing to matching eyepieces in the viewer - which allows two eyes for viewing

adv: two eyes and the brain functions with 2 eyes - better

dis: light path split so darker objects become darker

So far have had to acquire more eyepieces to make match pairs, so much more expensive

but Moon looks 3d and both eyes in use is more comfortable.....

M42 looks much better as our brain integrates our view over time (like registrz in the brain)

So looks a nice idea, now available on ebay for about £150 - but if purchases from abroard beware of the £50 customs charges - ouch


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