Great Worldwide Star Count starts tonight!

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Great Worldwide Star Count starts tonight!

Postby seabay » 20 Oct 2008, 08:14

Hello all -

please see the info and link below, which I received from Oscar Sifuentes, Outreach Co-ordinator at Brevard Astro Soc in Florida - this is our chance to join in with our astro colleagues around the globe on a useful and important survey.

All we need now is some clear skies!!

Emma H


The Great World Wide Star Count.  In the URL below, you will see the activity  guide, which tells you exactly what you need and what to look for.  Remember only use your eyes to see how many stars you can see, and at what magnitude. There are a few more simple tasks like location, date, etc, but that is covered in the guide.

So print out the activity guide to use in the field and fill in the blanks. It also has where to email or mail the information too.

When to observe: between Oct. 20 and Nov. 3, 2008, about an hour after sunset  between 7 and 9 pm local time.

This year's constellation is Cygnus the Swan, or The Northern Cross. You can observe for 1 night, or all 15 nights, ... yGuide.pdf

Good Luck Everyone!
Oscar (BAS member)
Emma H

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Postby astrogeorge » 20 Oct 2008, 19:40

I will be taking part, if we get a clear sky that is.
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Postby seabay » 21 Oct 2008, 07:44

Thanks, AG - we had total cloud-cover and torrential rain down here in East Sussex last night, which is typical!  Fingers crossed for at least one clear night between now and 3 Nov!
Emma H

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Postby Cosmic » 21 Oct 2008, 09:15

Hi Emma
I will probably take part too...just need a clear night. last night was very good in between frequent cloud closures so managed to get new scope onto rich star fields
of Cygnus. Wow! is all I can say. So much to see. I am still waiting for right angled finder from Telescope Planet ( they promised to swap out straight through one) so
that will make finding objects a little easier. Panning with a 12" is a bit too hit and miss.
Thanks for copy of Astro brief. Lots to digest :)
Anyway all for now.
speak soon
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Postby seabay » 22 Oct 2008, 08:00

Hi Geoff - glad SBA:B arrived OK - hope you enjoy it and very many thanks for the excellent material you contributed!
Thanks for joining in with this year's Worldwide Starcount; managed to get a view of Cygnus last night (down to mag 4 according to the Starcount charts), so fingers x'd for tonight as well.
Very envious of your view of the Cygnus starfields.  One of my faves in Cygnus is Sadr, and that lovely scattering of stars around it (OK - that's not very technical of me, but you know what I mean!).
Emma H

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