Difficult questions

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Radge Badger
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Difficult questions

Postby Radge Badger » 06 Dec 2007, 21:02

I have been asked if we (err, Paul), can recommend a starter 'scope for a youngster who is interested - if anyone has a recommendation we'd be glad to hear it.  

We noticed some 'scopes in Aldi, Dunfermline, a couple of weeks ago - did any one else get a chance to look at them and form an opinion?

See you all on the 17th.


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Postby astrogeorge » 07 Dec 2007, 14:27

What is your budget? Are you going to using the telescope for deepsky or planetary observing? These are the main questions you have to ask yourself before considering a telescope. I would recommend the skywatcher range, they offer good quality optics and a suitable mount for a good price. However what model you choose depends on what your going to use it to observe, if its the planets and the moon then you would get better views using a refractor, but if its deepsky then go for a reflector as you'll get a larger apature for your budget. Whatever telescope you go for my advice would be to make sure that the mount is strong enough to hold the telescope, you can have great optics but if the mount is flimsy then the views will be poor due to the telescope vibrating too much.

Hope this helps.
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Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 09 Dec 2007, 23:50

Id recommend one of these as a good intro to astronomy...its also based on a much more expensive and highly successful scope.
http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/sky-wa ... scope.html
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Postby bhenderson50 » 10 Dec 2007, 16:56

I would reinforce SolarB's recommendation. These little scopes are great for both kids and adults. They have the major virtue of simplicity in use, which means they will get more use than, say, an equatorially mounted refractor which requires setup. Great value too.

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