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Postby admin » 18 Nov 2006, 23:50

Free Software

Live star charts
Stellarium: for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
[Cartes du Ciel: for Windows]
Warning, possible Trojan in Cartes du Ciel download - see cosmic's post below. Link de-activated pending investigation.

Fly around space
Celestia: for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Astrophotography Image Processing
Registax: for Windows, Linux (through Wine)

Commercial Software

Live star charts
Celestron's the Sky: for Windows
Shyhound's SkyTools: for Windows
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Postby cometcob » 18 Dec 2007, 04:10

Stellarium is superb, thanks for that  8)
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Software Cartes du Ciel

Postby Cosmic » 13 Jun 2008, 11:32

Just a quick warning about the software download from the link you gave for this software. There are 2 download links on the page at Cartes du Ciel.

The smaller download file has a trojan virus in it and should be downloaded at your own peril. The larger download seems to be virus free. I have downloaded it and will test it on my Laptop connected to ETX 105PE soon and see if its better than meades own software.

By the way for those using UBUNTU linux there is an excellent free prog included called KSTARS and this is the by far one of the best I have seen yet.
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