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Welcome to the new forum site

Postby admin » 05 Mar 2012, 22:04

As of 5th March 2012, this is the NEW forum site for Dalgety Bay Astronomy Club.

We have moved our forum from a free server to a new one, over which we have more control. We can do a few things with the new server that we could not with the old, for example:
*On the free server, space was very tight. We now have much more space for you to post images.
*We had narrow restrictions on the types of files we could host - Powerpoints, Word docs and PDFs were all unavailable. These restrictions have now been removed.
*We had no control over the adverts which would appear. Now the adverts are gone.
*It was hard to integrate the old forum into our Wordpress website, because RSS/Atom feeds were not available. Now they are.

You can still get to the OLD site, at http://dbastro.myfastforum.org, if you need to, but after a few weeks it will be phased out.
Posting has now been disabled at the old site, with the exception of the Technical forum, which you can still use to report any technical difficulties you might have with the NEW site - not being able to log in, for example.

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