Administration changes. Code Tags.

Technical questions about how to use this forum.
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Administration changes. Code Tags.

Postby NightHawk » 31 Dec 2006, 02:39

I see there has been administration changes. There is ranking system now. Which is good! should keep the enthusiastic posters(like me) more glued to the forums.

It appears that "code" tags which usually appear green on phpBB, appear white now. It is the same on a WindowsOS.

Can this been changed? Thanks, Neil.


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Code colour

Postby admin » 31 Dec 2006, 12:27

Hi Neil,

Yes, slight mix-up there.
(Good bug report, by the way - made it very clear where the problem was and how to reproduce it.)
It seems it was getting its CSS styes from the wrong place.

Should be sorted now.

The Admin.

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