M42 latest image

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M42 latest image

Postby bhenderson50 » 04 Feb 2009, 19:52

OK, second try at posting this link,
Hi all,
I have attached my latest attempt at imaging M42, the Orion Nebula. This is the result of three separate imaging sessions over three nights. I think it represents an improvement on my firat attempt last year, and gives cause for encouragement to try other deep sky targets. I hope this link works :

Solar B
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Postby Solar B » 04 Feb 2009, 23:28

Very nice Indeed Bob...but why can i not see that amount of detail
in my Pronto  :lol:
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Postby Cosmic » 05 Feb 2009, 09:30

Coz you need a reflector :)
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Postby adt175 » 07 Feb 2009, 11:02

Great Image Bob, hat's off to you Sir!

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