Dalgety Bay Gala.

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Opel star
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Dalgety Bay Gala.

Postby Opel star » 05 Jun 2013, 10:47

Hi, is it this weekend that we are having a stall at the Dalgety Bay Gala? Is there anything I could help with? Cakes, telescope etc..

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Re: Dalgety Bay Gala.

Postby Alderney99 » 05 Jun 2013, 22:49

Indeed it is Chris!

I'm not really sure exactly whats happening though this time Gents?

Previously we've been able to start setting up the stall/tables/gazebo/electrics/computers etc from
about 10:30am, with the Gala proper really getting under way at 1pm. Leaflets/packs, cakes & stuff,
scopes and other equipment setup, membership forms (and discounts...) etc etc.

Is anyone requiring to store gear overnight in my garage the night before this time or not?
(I'm right across the road from the Sports centre /park)?


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Re: Dalgety Bay Gala.

Postby bwh » 06 Jun 2013, 21:22

Hi folks, just a few days to go

We have acccess to the site for setup from 10.am and will have one car permit. Paul will take two tents.

If anyone wants to bake they welcome as this will help attract people to the stand, we will have forms for 1/2 price 2013 membership and also a free raffle for
a childs starter 900x60 telescope.

All welcome, hope the weather is fair.


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