April Meeting.

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April Meeting.

Postby Barnard's Star » 25 Apr 2013, 02:12

Very interesting presentation on use of a video camera and Registax to analyse multiple images from video. Many thanks. It encouraged me to go hunting on eBay for a Philips ToUcam webcam. Managed to find one which I bought together with an adaptor, so hopefully soon I will be set up to try the technique. Also downloaded Registax, and tried it on a series of DSLR jpeg images of the moon - it worked, though I stil am not sure of exactly how I managed it!, but nevetheless I got an averaged image from a set of 4 images which appears better than any of the single images. How did I do that? Hmm!

Now all that's needed is a decent clear night! Is that too much to hope for?

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Re: April Meeting.

Postby Opel star » 27 Apr 2013, 20:50

It was a good presentation by Brian. Thanks again Brian.Now you can take hours of video every time the clouds decide to get out the way! That will be once a month then lol. Get stacking and get some photos on the site.
Hopefully clear skies.

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Re: April Meeting.

Postby bwh » 28 Apr 2013, 17:06

Good to hear so many converts -

Also try moon first - as even slight drift is not issue, and registraxing crators gives as much additional detail - moon 10x larger than jupiter... so very good starting point...

note: jupiter is in great position - high in sky - and when sun goes down - you have hour to get jupiter if clear.

This a good target - take 2 mins or 2000 frames at 10/second - no more than this... or rotation creeps in, and more than 10/s causes other issues..

Getting jupiter on your chip is hard, helps to be at least close to polar aligned - then drift is minimal..... but dont be surprised it jupiter wanders of screen in 4 mins or less.

As ever focus is key.... - but even just a few images will work.

And then once cracked moon and jupiter, saturn (11pm onwards) is next target - it never gets to high in sky, so atmosphere will be issue - and thus dont expect great focus... but get as close as possible... if you can see casini div - thats perfect focus, otherwise as close, saturn darker than jupiter so more gain needed....



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