Stargazing Event 1

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Stargazing Event 1

Postby bwh » 04 Jan 2011, 18:20

Great afternoon/evening at the Kabin, Dalgety Bay

We had poor cloud cover so no observing - but 7+ scopes in the kabin for massive to big to starter. Lots of pictures, books and members to answer questions for the public.

We had visitors from Dundee, Edinburgh and the Bay itself - who had heard of the BBC 3 nights of live programmes and had seen the Dalgety Bay first event online.

5 prize pairs of binoculars were won by youngsters trying the name-a-planet and construct-a-scope competitions run by Don.

Good night - hopefully jupiter will appear in the south skies clearly in the next few nights - and be visible on our next event this friday.

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