Gala Day - what happened?

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Gala Day - what happened?

Postby Cosmic » 17 Jun 2010, 10:06

Hi All

for those unable to attend the Gala Day all I can say is that you missed a fantastic time passed in the company of like minded enthuiasts.

We attracted lots of interest and actually signed up a family mebership on the day.  Sales of Tablet, Cakes etc raised a magnificent sum so many thanks to Don Makin's wife, Melisa Ruzgar and Brian Wright's family. We raised in excess of £80 on the day so well done everyone.

The multimedia dispaly was a real attraction and we must Thank Bob henderson for his 32" LCD TV.

Special Thanks to Iain and Brian Henderson who were relentless in advocating the benefits of the club to the hundreds of visitors and the fact we signed a family membership as well as lot's of interest in joining were down mostly to their efforts.

Special mention to Solar B for the excellent solar scope viewings and I managed to clock several promenances as well as an active region too!

Paul and Kirsty for their supplying not one but two gazebos which were arranged back to back and covering the displays in case of rain (which never happened :)

Makbule Ruzgar for her help on the day and for supporting me in my passion for this event.

Thanks to the other club members who looked in throughout the day and helped swell the funds by purchasing cakes etc.

I took my 6" Dynatron SCT which was made in 1977 and this attracted a lot of interest through the course of the day.

A really great day and I can't wait until next year's show.

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