M13 Globular

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M13 Globular

Postby Cosmic » 22 May 2009, 10:37

Hi All
Well at last a sort of clearish night. Last night managed to get set up and get a hours observing in. I was trying the digital inclinometer on the 12" Dob and had a little more success. I centered Arcturus and zeroed the Inclinometer then I lowered it till the reading was -18 deg then zeroed again. I slewed the scope as far to the left as poss then raised it to +18 deg, then slewed in Azimuth only and bang on the money! However, i saw that m57 was approx +32 and set inclinometer for this and slewed to the left of Acturus but it was hopelessly out. So my Question is are the Dec readings given on star charts only for when the said constellation is overhead?
Anyway I manually searched for M13 (like a needle in Haystack with 12" Dob and 26mm eyepiece but eventually found it then I  popped in a  2.5 barlow and awesome views were the result . The more I looked The more I could resolve even fainter stars in the cluster. This really is a real gem and one possibly overlooked by many amateurs as mundane.

Well if anyone can help with the inclinometer I would be grateful.
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