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New Commitee

Postby Cosmic » 02 Feb 2009, 23:54

AS you may all know (or not know) elections were held at the AGM of 20th
January 2009.

As Caroline felt she had to step down due to pressures of her new course, I was elected to the post of Secretary and Publicity officer for the coming Year. I hope to be able to combine both posts and hopefully we can take the Club forward to meet new challenges and new horizons.

Paul was re-elected to the Chair and Solar Brian remains as Treasurer.
Ian stays on as member without portfolio and is joined by Astro George in his first role on the commitee. Bob was elected to membership secretary.

I look forward to working with you all and I'm sure we will improve on the great work we achieved last year. I will arrange for a formal handover from Cazza and will arrange with Paul to have a minute of the AGM for members to peruse at the next meeting and post on here if we are all in agreement.

This club has tremendous possibilities in the future but we need the help of all of you, the membership to help us take the Giant steps needed to turn it into the best Astronomy Club in Scotland! So please get behind the commitee and support us by turning up to the regular meetings. Help by donating to the coffee fund ALL the money raised goes to the club funds.

One of the ultimate goals of the club is to build our own Observatory and while this may seem like a long term goal, it is very achievable if we all get behind it.

There are going to be many good things happening and we want all members to enjoy and share in the benefits. It's so easy to look at the inclement weather and think "ah well I cannae be bothered tonight." please think again. Make the ffort and the result will be a well attended and fruitful meeting.

We aim to build on the Star Party and dark site nights so we can all spend time doing what this great hobby is all about...OBSERVING!
In order to make this possible we need good turnouts and help in organising and producing these events. Any help however small will be gratefully received.

This is Great club...but we will all only get out of it..what we put in to it!

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