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Proposed Constitution

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This is a draft of a constitution for the Club.

This draft may be amended in response to feedback, during the run-up to the inaugural AGM.

The name of the Club shall be “Dalgety Bay Astronomy Club”.

To promote and advance education and interest in the science of astronomy and to provide facilities for the encouragement and pursuit of observational astronomy.

There are five classes of membership as follows:
Student Membership - Members under 18 years old or students in full time education.
Full Member - Standard membership
Family Membership – One or two adults, and up to two children under 18 years age, all resident at the same address.
Senior Membership - Retired members.
Honorary - Members invited by the committee to enjoy free membership for services rendered.

The committee shall have the power to decline Membership applications from persons who
have not previously been members, or
whose memberships are currently lapsed due to overdue subscriptions, or
who have been disqualified and not subsequently rehabilitated.

Subscriptions are payable on the first day of January. Subscriptions are not refundable except in special circumstances at the discretion of the committee.
Subscriptions not paid by 31st March will result in the lapse of membership. Fees for each membership class will be agreed at the AGM.
Members may join during the course of a year, by paying in advance for:
the remaining months of the current year (minimum four months), or
the remaining months of the current year and the whole of the following year.

The Club will be managed by its Committee. The committee shall consist of five Club Officers, as follows:
two Officers Without Portfolio.
All Club Officers must be Members of the Club. No one person may hold more than one post.  Financial signatories of the Club (as defined in Finance below) must be aged 18 or over. Other Club Officers must be aged 16 or over.
The committee shall be elected annually at the AGM of the Club.
A vacant Committee post may be filled:
by the Committee, for up to three months, or
by an AGM or EGM
All nominations for Committee Membership shall be in writing and be in the hands of the Secretary before the start of the GM.
The Committee shall meet as required. Four Committee members must be present to form a quorum.  The committee shall be empowered to create and dissolve sub-committees for any purpose and may co-opt onto such sub-committees additional members other than the Committee Members.
A simple majority shall decide those elected. If there is a tie for any post the issue shall be decided by further votes. Postal votes or proxy votes are not eligible. The committee elected shall take office from the date of the AGM to the date of the following AGM.

Disqualification of a Club Member
A Club Member whose actions bring the Club into disrepute can be disqualified from membership of the Club. The decision will be made by the Committee. The Club Member in jeopardy may ask another Member of the Club to accompany them at the Committee meeting when the decision is to be made. Disqualified Members may be rehabilitated, if so resolved, at an AGM or EGM.

Disqualification of a Committee Member
Any Committee Member who
fails to attend three consecutive Committee Meetings, or
allows their Club Membership to lapse through non-payment of subscriptions
may be required by the Committee to resign.
If a Committee Member is disqualified as a Club Member, they shall automatically lose their Committee post also. Rehabilitation as a Club Member will not automatically restore them to their former Committee post, but it shall restore their eligibility to be nominated for election to the Committee whenever such an election next takes place.

Committee Records
The minutes of all Committee meetings will be kept by the Secretary. Any sub-committee minutes will be handed to the Secretary after each meeting.

General Meetings
A General Meeting (GM) is either an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Club.
General Meetings are the only meetings of the Club that can endorse changes to the Constitution. Proposed changes must be notified to all Club Members 14 days prior to the AGM or EGM.
Each Member of the Club, with the exception of Family Members under the age of 14, shall have one vote in the ballot for each motion at a GM, provided that they have been a  Member for not less than three calendar months prior to the date of the GM. (For clarity, Student Members under 14 may vote, Family Members under 14 may not.)
Persons not meeting the above requirements shall not be entitled to vote at the GM or GM. (Exception: At the first (Inaugural) AGM, all persons present shall be entitled to vote.)

Annual General Meeting
The AGM of the Club will be held annually, in January or February, at a time and place agreed by the committee.
All members shall have at least 14 days Notice (as defined in Methods of Notification below) of the AGM.

Extraordinary General Meeting
The committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to discuss any matter and shall be bound to do so on receiving a request signed by not less than 25% of the Membership. Such a request must be sent to the Secretary stating the reason for the meeting. The meeting shall take place within 28 days of receipt of the request. All members shall have Notice (as defined in Methods of Notification below) of the EGM:
at least 7 days in advance (if no Constitution changes are proposed), or
at least 14 days in advance (if it is proposed to change the Constitution or wind up the club).
All matters may be decided on a majority vote, with the exception of Constitution changes and winding up, which require a two-thirds majority of those present.

Methods of Notification
Notice of a General Meeting must include the date, time, place and Agenda of the meeting. Notice is deemed to have been given by
the posting of Notice on the club website, and
sending Notice either by email to the Member's last known e-mail address or by post to their last known postal address.

All monies shall be banked in the name of the Club. Withdrawals shall be by cheque bearing two of the signatures of the following three officers: Treasurer, Secretary or Chair. All recommendations and requests for expenditure shall be approved by the Committee before being incurred.
At the AGM the Treasurer shall present a Balance Sheet of the income and expenditure account of the Club, this to be subsequently audited by one Honorary Auditor appointed by the committee. The Auditor may or may not be a Club Member, but must not be a Committee Member or living at the same address as a Committee Member.

Bye Laws
The Committee shall be empowered to make such Bye Laws as they consider necessary for the management and running of the Club. Such Bye Laws must be submitted at a General Meeting for ratification.

Winding up of the Club
The club may be wound up by a two-thirds majority decision at a General Meeting. Should the Club be wound up for any reason the assets of the Club will be donated to the Federation of Astronomical Societies, or such other established astronomical organization as the GM shall resolve.

Constitution approved <insert date here>.

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