The DBA Flickr Group

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The DBA Flickr Group

Postby justanotherpete » 22 Mar 2015, 21:55

The DBA Flickr Group

The Dalgety Bay Astronomy Flickr Group is now available for Dalgety Bay Astronomy Club members to post astro related pictures and comments.

The link for it is here...

Whilst everyone can view the site and the pictures, it's an invitation only group as far as posting pictures, comments, or discussion topics is concerned.

Admin for the Flickr group is:
Paul Holmes
Pete Wilkinson

If you are already a Flickr user or have already found the Flickr page you should see immediately to the right of the page title "Dalgety Bay Astronomy" a white button [+Join Group]; click this.

If you are a Flickr user, but have not signed in, or are new to Flickr you will get an onscreen message asking you to sign in to Flickr with the options [Cancel] or [Sign in and Join]. Click the sign in option.

The Yahoo sign in page will now show.

To use Flickr you have to sign up to Yahoo.

Signing up to Yahoo gives access to a lot of the astro-equipment & software user groups which are based on Yahoo. So, sign up, join the DBA Flickr page first then the user groups associated with your equipment; they really can be helpful.

As soon as your Yahoo sign up is complete you will have your own Flickr page.

Now use the link above and go back to the DBA Flickr Group Page and use the [+Join Group] button.

You will now see a page titled "Join Dalgety Bay Astronomy".

Although the group is public for viewing, it is invitation only for posting.

Put a short message in the message box that lets Paul or I know who you are... we probably won't immediately relate internet user names such as "DarthVader623" to the real you we meet at club events :)

Then click the blue [Send This] button underneath the message box.

This will notify Paul and I that someone wants to join the group.

You will then see a confirming message that your request has been sent to the Dalgety Bay Astronomy Flickr Group Admin.

As soon as Paul or I pick this up we will add you to the Flickr Group.

If nothing happens for a couple of days feel free to email me, my e-mail is...

Loading Pictures

Note that in order to post pictures you will need to be able to access your own Flickr page. This also means signing up to Yahoo. See the previous page for more details on that.

Once you are signed in to Flickr you are ready to upload pictures from your pc / laptop / etc...

Go to your flickr account, along the top of the screen is a tab for UPLOAD, click this.

A field will open up that you can drag and drop your pictures into.

This loads them into your Flickr account.

Once you've uploaded the pics to your flickr account.

Go to the DBA Flickr group, here...

At the RH end of "Dalgety Bay Astronomy" is a button [+ADD PHOTOS] click this.

(When adding photos to the DBA Group please make sure you include the date the photo was taken in the title.)

(If you are unable to add photos look for an option to join the group, this will send a message to Paul or I that you wish to join.)

A field now opens that contains the pictures you previously uploaded to your Flickr account.

Click on the ones you want add to the DBA area, then click [ADD TO GROUP] and you're done, your pictures should be added to the group

Please join, and post pictures, comments or discussion topics.

The more people who use the page, the more successful it will be.


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