Venus to the south; comet ISON

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Venus to the south; comet ISON

Postby Alderney99 » 18 Nov 2013, 19:23

Monday 18th November

Venus is showing exceptionally brightly to the south, just west of Edinburgh above the hills as seen from the Bay,
from late afternoons, and dropping beyond the bridges after about 5.30pm, when it goes very orange (matching
the rising full moon to the very East tonight).

Anyone with a camera on a high point in the area could bag a good Venus pic under these conditions (if they can
get home from work in time...!) :D

ISON-watchers might be worth getting up before dawn, comet tail now 8-9 million miles long!

Opel star
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Re: Venus to the south; comet ISON

Postby Opel star » 19 Nov 2013, 11:25

Thanks for that, will have a look when its clear.Still need to get a good pic of Venus.


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