Them Ole Starshooter Blues.....

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Them Ole Starshooter Blues.....

Postby Ryohei » 24 May 2012, 14:57

I'm getting the hang of my Orion Starshooter 4, and producing images fit to grace shredders everywhere.

The Moon? No problem. Jupiter? Well, early days but I had managed to get a blurry disk (was still getting to grips with the Orion at that stage).Venus? Again, no problem. I even imaged the Sun the other day, using a coat pulled over my head to shade my laptop etc etc.

But Saturn? Not a blessed chance. Even with the brightness & exposure settings cranked way up, and using a 2x Barlow, I can't even catch a fleeting glimpse on the laptop monitor. Admittedly, at 22:00 Saturn is at best a fairly faint star-like object to the naked eye, and it could be that the Orion simply cannot pick up such a faint object. I'm not convinced however.

Am I missing something obvious? Or do i need a bigger scope? (If you think it's the latter, please copy your reply in to Mrs S. She won't believe just me....)

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Re: Them Ole Starshooter Blues.....

Postby bwh » 03 Jun 2012, 13:34

Sounds like you pointing at a star not Saturn!!!!! It's just smaller than juptiter , even bios show ears....

You sure you looking in right location......

Jupiter is sooo low blurry disk may be all you get, but Saturn is sooo high in sky viewing will be much clearer, are you seeing moons???? If not its more likely a star than a planet....

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