Orion Starshooter 4 - first tries

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Orion Starshooter 4 - first tries

Postby Ryohei » 05 Feb 2012, 15:31

Hi. Since being gifted an Orion Starshooter for Xmas, I've been getting to grips with it and with Registax. After some false starts I've managed to come up with a couple of half-decent images. Here they are:


The Tycho & Clavius image was taken using a 2x Barlow - I'm not at all sure what that gives me in terms of magnification (I'm using a 150MM scope).

Nice to meet everybody at the A.G.M. I was made to feel welcome, and I'm looking forward to coming along to the next meeting.

Alan S.
Skywatcher 150PL, Canon EOS 400D, Orion Starshoot IV + laptop, cardboard box for hiding laptop in when imaging the Sun.

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