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Jupiter - Red spot and moon shadow

Posted: 06 Nov 2011, 22:39
by bwh
At last my 8inch telescope and toucam come good and i see the spot, and a moon shadow..

Here is the image (2 mins of 10 fps, in registrax)

<a href="" title="jupiter by awooga1, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="jupiter"></a>


Posted: 06 Nov 2011, 22:47
by bwh
Here is what a raw frame and the scope showed for eyepiece view

<a href="" title="jupiter_raw by awooga1, on Flickr"><img src="" width="282" height="207" alt="jupiter_raw"></a>

This spot is barely visible, but stacking 1200 of these, brought out far more detail. A good night, clear vision, scope well aligned, jupiter near its zenith......


Posted: 06 Nov 2011, 22:51
by bwh
images captured with sharpcap - which worked so well.

Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 10:38
by Cosmic
HI Brian
Nice! told you it would come in the end. Now lets see what you can get with the canon

Posted: 06 Dec 2011, 15:11
by bwh