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equipment for sale

Postby bhenderson50 » 11 Apr 2011, 11:09

Hi all,
as I am going traveling for about a year soon, I have decided to see if anyone is interested in buying my astro equipment, either as a whole, or in part. Below is a list of what I have. Prices up for discussion.....
* 7 foot observatory
* Meade LX200 GPS 12" scope on go to mount with equatorial wedge
* Televue 70mm achromatic refractor piggybacked on LX200
* Meade DSI Pro II monochrome camera with colour filters
* Meade DSI Pro III monochrome camera with motorised filter wheel
* Philips ToUcam webcam with adaptor
* Meade LPI imager
* binocular viewer for either telescope
* white light solar filter for 70mm refractor
* H-alpha imaging filter
* deep sky imaging filter
* Windows XP desktop PC for telescope control
* demister band for LX 200 scope with power supply
* several eyepieces, details on request

Hopefully, someone can benefit from this comprehensive list.

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