MIntron and Orion

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MIntron and Orion

Postby Cosmic » 20 Jan 2011, 08:49

Hello All
I really enjoyed the AGM meeting and also the talk by Brian Henderson on the Big Bang Theory. It was really interesting to hear an alternative view and to hear such knowledgeable cross examination.


Last night I tried out the Mintron Colour camera and this is M42  Orion with a Full Moon just off to the left it was amazingly clear. This is a 3 minute exposure with my camera attached to my Skywatcher Startravel ST80 Guide Scope and considering it's only 3 inches and my LX200 is 10" I was quite amazed! more amazing is the fact they are unguided images!!! The settings were a little hard to understand at first but I got there in the end This view is what it looks like on the laptop screen too. The Colour Mintron has the ability to show very faint detail and in colour too!
I later tried it on the Crab Nebula and was amazed to see it live on the screen too, albeit small. I took a single snapshot of that too to show you the possibily of this camera. If you PM me your contact phone I will call you next imaging session to let you come over to the observatory and have a look. That invitation is also open to any member who wishes to come.



and here is screenshot of M1 Crab Nebula

Meade 8inch  SCT. Observatory mounted on an HEQ5 Pro using EQMOD Canon 1000D modified DSLR,200mm Dobsonian, 200mm Celestron C8, 15x70 Astro Binoculars. 2x Mintron ccd cameras, lots of other stuff.

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